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The articles listed below include news from, about or mentioning the Republic of the Congo, which is also known as Congo Brazzaville.

See also news from or about the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and books about the Congo Region.

Women and children flee violence in Central African Republic

Ongoing violence in the Central African Republic has resulted in over 76,000 people so far, mainly women and children, fleeing north into neighbouring Chad. Many of the displaced people, particular...

04 Mar '14 | Humanitarian Crisis | Central African Republic

HIV associated with Salmonella epidemic in sub Saharan Africa

The emergence and spread of new variants of Salmonella Typhimurium has been found to correspond to the emergence and spread of HIV in parts sub-Saharan Africa. A major contributing factor to the in...

11 Oct '12 | HIV | sub-Saharan Africa

Warning of cholera epidemic spreading in West Africa

The current (Sept 2012) cholera emergency in West Africa is expected to get much worse as rains and floods create the conditions for the disease to spread faster and further. The number of cases so...

05 Sep '12 | Cholera | West Africa

Angola celebrates a year without polio

Angola celebrates a year without polio: Angola has made considerable progress against polio by working to improve disease surveillance, increase the quality and coverage of mass polio vaccination c...

10 Aug '12 | Polio | Angola

Effort to halt polio outbreak in Luanda, Angola

In 2010, 32 people contracted polio in Angola, a disappointing turnaround from 2004, when Angola celebrated three consecutive years free from the virus and the country stood ready to be declared po...

21 Jan '11 | Polio | Angola

UNICEF welcomes Congolese law for indigenous populations

UNICEF today hailed a groundbreaking new law that gives Congolese children belonging to indigenous populations – until now the most vulnerable amongst the vulnerable – a legal basis to access healt...

31 Dec '10 | Congo-Brazzaville

Mass vaccination in response to polio in Congo, DRC and Angola

Mass vaccination: Every man, every woman, every child will be immunized irrespective of their past immunization status, said WHO Regional Director for Africa, Dr Luis Sambo. - This way we can be as...

11 Nov '10 | Polio | International

Research reveals how dengue fever virus infects living cells

Dengue is transmitted by mosquitoes and infects up to 100 million people each year. People bitten by an infected mosquito first develop a fever, followed by other symptoms such as joint pain, rash ...

12 Oct '10 | Dengue Fever | USA

New child protection framework adopted in The Republic of Congo

The Republic of the Congo is a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1993), the two Optional Protocols and the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child. With the ado...

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