Stratum Basale

Diagram of the Structure of the Skin

Diagram of the Structure of the Skin

The stratum basale is a layer of skin located within the epidermis.
The skin is also known as the "integument", or "integumentary system".

More specifically, the stratum basale is the deepest later of the epidermis (outer-skin). It consists of a single layer of cuboidal (or “columnar”) keratinocytes.

These keratinocytes are able to continually divide. As they do so, the new cells push the older cells up through the other layers of the epidermis to the surface of the skin. The stratum basale also contains Langerhans cells, melanocytes, and Merkel cells.


To view the location of the stratum basale layer relative to the other key components of the skin see the diagram of the structure of the skin. This may be of particular interest to students of courses in massage, reflexology, beauty therapies, and other health science or clinical courses.

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