Mercurius solubilis

Mercurius solubilis is a homeopathic remedy that is also known as simply 'Mercurius' or 'Merc sol'. It is prepared from the toxic liquid metal, mercury.

The homeopathic remedy mercurius solubilis is primarily used in cases of infection, such as when glands and their secretions are affected.

Examples of conditions for which mercurius solubilis may be helpful include

  • tender and / or swollen glands
  • offensive breath
  • excessive sweat or secretions
  • yellow coated tongue
  • hot and cold fevers
  • restless irritability

More about the substance used to prepare mercurius solubilis homeopathic remedy:

The homeopathic remedy mercurius solubilis is prepared chemically from the element mercury, which has also been known as 'quicksilver'.

Homeopathic preparations are usually supplied in either liquid or pill form. Regardless of the physical form in which the remedy is taken, its preparation will have involved a series of dilutions during which the original substance was repeatedly diluted and succussed (shaken) in a solvent such as water and/or alcohol.

There are very many (over 2,000) homeopathic remedies, some of which are available from chemists and health food shops. These pages feature some of the most popular homeopathic remedies and are for general interest only: This is not medical advice. Consult a qualified homeopathic practitioner for advice about use of this and any other homeopathic remedy. Bear in mind that homeopathic remedies are very dilute; even if a homeopathic remedy is beneficial, the substance from which it is derived may be harmful.

More about Homeopathy:

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