Cranial bones

The cranial bones are a group of bones within the human head.

There are 8 cranial bones including:

1 x Ethmoid Bone
1 x Frontal Bone
1 x Occipital Bone
2 x Parietal Bones
1 x Sphenoid Bone
2 x Temporal Bones

These cranial bones form the structure of the top, back, and sides of the skull. The structure of the front of the head is formed by the facial bones.

The functions of the cranium include holding in place and protecting the brain in its cavity, which is called the "cranial vault". The cranial bones are relatively flat and plate-like in shape and are positioned together at joints called sutures.

The individual shapes and personalising features of the cranial (and facial) bones contribute much of the definition of the static appearances of the face. This is especially important in some aspects of archeological research because forensic pathologists and biologists can reconstruct the superficial appearance of a face merely from the human skull. The most important cranial bones for the appearance of the face is the frontal bone, which is located at the top of the face above the eye sockets.

See notes about, and labelled diagrams of, all human cranial and facial bones on one page.

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