Date Published: 16 March 2012

Bristol University students lead a campaign to thank paramedics

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It's always good to encounter a heart-warming story, especially when it concerns expressions of appreciation and gratitude. This applies to a recent campaign organized by a group of engineering students at Bristol University (England, UK) who are keen to encourage people to thank paramedics for their invaluable life-saving work.

Their message is ...

Please Thank Paramedics for their Invaluable Life-Saving Work 

You can do so online at:

Over 1,000 messages have been left online praising the unsung heroes and the students are hopeful that their plight will continue to attract support. The idea came about thanks to a competition called Rise To The Challenge which encourages teams to promote a good cause which they believe deserves recognition. The programme combines online training with offline activities, giving young people valuable business skills and experience to make them more employable, whilst encouraging them to engage in their community and be active citizens.

The Bristol University team includes Ben Bowman, Richard Whitmore, Will Brown and Phil Lake.

Ben said:

" The faculty of Engineering kindly offered to sponsor us to enter the competition and introduced us to our mentor Dave Jarman, who is Director of Enterprise Educators UK.
_ We came up with supporting the paramedics as we felt that those who often need them aren't in a position to say thank you. So many people know a friend or family member who has needed a paramedic.
_ Myself and the team leader Richard also have a very close friend whose life was saved by a paramedic after he fell off a wall and needed to be placed in a coma, so we're all indebted to their amazing work.

Campaigns entered into Rise To The Challenge will be judged by a group of entrepreneurs and stand the chance of winning £2,000 as well as internships, training opportunities and even possible job offers. Ben, Richard, Will and Phil are to be congratulated on their initiative. We wish them well with their campaign.

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Source: Bristol University, England (UK)

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