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Massage may help infants sleep more, cry less and be less stressed

Research from Warwick University in England suggests that massage may help infants aged under six months to sleep better, cry less and be less stressed. The research team considered nine studies in...

08 Nov '06 | Baby Massage | UK Study

How mint oil compounds reduce pain

Research explains how mint oil compounds act through the recently discovered neural receptor, TRPM8, which is present in a small percentage of nerve cells in the human skin. When TRPM8 is activated...

22 Aug '06 | Natural Health | Scotland

Mushroom may boost cancer therapy drug

Researchers studied extracts of a type of mushroom called Phellinus linteus. They tested its effects on prostate cancer cells and found that when it was combined with doxorubicin, a well-known canc...

01 Aug '06 | Cancer

Believers, skeptics benefit equally From 12-Step Programs

Research suggests that addiction recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous help people to achieve their objectives if the person is skeptical of spirituality or suffers from mental illness. Th...

24 Jul '06 | Addiction

Australian olive leaf extract for breast & prostate cancer

In 2005 an olive leaf extract was shown to have an antioxidant capacity 400% higher than Vitamin C and almost double that of green tea or grape seed extract. Since then Australian researchers have ...

07 Jul '06 | Natural Health | Australia

Religion and Spirituality linked to heart-rate variability among cancer survivors

Faith and the use of prayer and religion to manage stress may provide health benefits for cancer survivors. The researchers considered coping strategies associated with healthy variation in heart r...

Herb Science Group's Letter Regarding Low Dosage in Echinacea Trial Published in New England Journal of Medicine

In a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine, the American Botanical Council has raised concerns about a recent trial involving Echinacea extracts. The ABC suggested that the dosage administ...

02 Dec '05 | Echinacea | USA

Maryland Researchers investigate benefit of acupuncture for in vitro fertilization

Infertility specialists at the University of Maryland, MD (USA), are researching the possible effects of acupuncture on pregnancy rates for couples undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), a proces...

19 Nov '05 | Fertility | Maryland, USA

Maryland Univ receives $10M USD to study Traditional Chinese Medicine

Scientists at the University of Maryland's Center for Integrative Medicine have received grants worth 10 million USD from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), to ...

23 Oct '05 | Traditional Chinese Medicine | Maryland, USA

Newcastle researchers find that seaweed could make junk food healthier

Junk food could be made healthier by the addition of an extract of an exotic type of seaweed - according to recent research at Newcastle University, England.

29 Sep '05 | Seaweed | Newcastle, UK

Holistic mental health care trial at Wollongong University, Australia

A team of researchers in Australia is developing a treatment and training program that could revolutionise mental health care. Their method involves training mental health workers in a new approach...

18 Sep '05 | Holistic Healthcare | Australia

Acupuncture tackles heartburn

Acupuncture could be the answer for heartburn, but further research is needed. Two experiments explored how the traditional Eastern method of acupuncture might affect transient lower oesophageal sp...

18 Sep '05 | Acupuncture | Australia

Hypnosis and pain, even for cystoscopy procedures

Medics can now use the power of thought to avoid the acute discomfort associated with a cystoscopy - a procedure in which a thin probe is inserted into a male urethra. Based on news from the Austra...

18 Sep '05 | Hypnosis | NSW, Australia

Pomegranate fruit shown to slow cartilage deterioration in osteoarthritis

Pomegranate fruit extracts can block enzymes that contribute to osteoarthritis according to recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition. The study investigated the ability of an extract of p...

07 Sep '05 | Osteoarthritis | Ohio, USA

Hara Shiatsu Therapy now recognised by a UK Shiatsu Society

Hara Shiatsu Therapy was first introduced to the West by the Taoist Master Mantak Chia under the name of Chi Nei Tsang and evolved into its present form at the Zen School of Shiatsu. Master of th...

09 Aug '05 | Shiatsu | UK

EU Food Supplement Ban - Latest Update

EU Food Supplement Ban wins latest appeal in the European Court of Justice. However, although a list of 112 substances passed fit for consumption has been prepared, many popular substances, such as...

13 Jul '05 | Food Supplements | European Union (EU)

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