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Mother's diet affects child's likelihood of obesity

Epigenetic change has been found to be important in explaining recent research about the diets of expectant mothers and the likelihood of their offspring developing obesity issues as they grow up. ...

18 Apr '11 | Pregnancy

Could roundworms provide new treatment for sepsis ?

ES-62 has the therapeutic ability to enhance recovery in septic shock by suppressing and limiting catastrophic inflammatory responses while allowing for bacterial clearance to occur. Administration...

07 Mar '11 | Inflammation | Liverpool, England

Asia and Pacific talks on Child Rights

Despite the fact that children's growth in the region and the world is improving, many children are still suffering because of war, violence, discrimination, poverty, disease and a worsening enviro...

04 Nov '10 | Child Welfare | International

Call for pictorial warnings on tobacco packs

Research shows that even among people who believe tobacco is harmful, few understand its specific health risks. According to the WHO, despite this lack of understanding health warnings on tobacco p...

29 May '09 | Smoking | International

International Inspiration to realise global vision for London 2012

International Inspiration is a partnership to create lasting opportunities for children and young people in schools and communities across the world, particularly in developing countries, through t...

26 Nov '08 | Olympic Sports | London

Thermal Scanner to screen arriving airline passengers for fevers such as flu

An infrared thermal scanner is to be trialled at Cairns airport (Australia) to screen arriving passengers for fevers including influenza and dengue. This will be the first time an infrared thermal ...

22 Feb '06 | Technology | Australia

Singapore's Annual National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign

The annual National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign (NHLC) is back this year with a bigger reach, and packed with fun-filled activities with mass appeal to get all Singaporeans to get up and get fit.

27 Aug '05 | Lifestyle | Singapore

Angels exist in the world of spirit - some describe them as being at a higher vibrational frequency than most humans.

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