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Checklist helps reduce surgical complications, deaths

The WHO has found that use of a simple surgical checklist during major operations can reduce the rate of surgery-related deaths and complications by over 33 percent

14 Jan '09 | Safety in surgery

Soccer Aid 2008 raises over £1.14 million for UNICEF

International childrens' charity UNICEF has announced that Soccer Aid 2008 raised over £1.14 million for its health, education and protection work with vulnerable children worldwide. Especially gi...

19 Dec '08 | Soccer Aid | International

Food worldwide is still far too salty - Report from Warwick University

The world’s food is still far too salty and too many countries are still ignoring the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guidelines on what should be a healthy level of salt in our daily diet commen...

06 Apr '07 | Nutrition | Worldwide

Common household chemical may pose human health risk - Canada

Triclosan is of particular concern to toxicologists because it is structurally similar to thyroid hormones, which play a crucial role in early human development. It is used in a wide variety of pro...

07 Oct '06 | Canada

Use of Cannabis in British Columbia, Canada.

According to a recent study British Columbians use more cannabis than other Canadians. That’s one of the conclusions of a study by the University of Victoria-based Centre for Addictions Research of...

05 Oct '06 | Canabis | Canada

Canada's Health Minister Clement Announces Joint Declaration of Intent with France

Canadian Minister of Health and France's Minister of Health and Solidarity signed a Joint Declaration of Intent that outlines mutual work the two countries plan to undertake in the next four years ...

15 Aug '06 | Canada

Critical examination of Canadian health care system

Researchers at York University (Canada) together with other academics have published a critical examination of health and health care in Canada. This book considers the health of Canadians and th...

08 Apr '06 | Healthcare in Canada | Canada

Certain angels are associated with 'passing-over' and our smooth transition from this life to the next ...

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