Date Published: 15 August 2006

Canada's Health Minister Clement Announces Joint Declaration of Intent with France

Health News from Canada
Health News from Canada.

The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Health, and Xavier Bertrand, France's Minister of Health and Solidarity, today signed a Joint Declaration of Intent that outlines mutual work the two countries plan to undertake in the next four years in key areas such as pandemic influenza preparedness and the strengthening of their health care systems.

" The governments of Canada and France have a long-standing relationship of collaboration in many areas, including the area of health. The relationship benefits both of our nations," Minister Clement said.

" Our meeting today has given us a good opportunity to further this collaboration in key areas by agreeing to share expertise and experience, as we seek improved health outcomes for our populations."

The two Ministers met in Toronto during the XVI International AIDS Conference. A key area of co-operation within the Joint Declaration of Intent includes initiatives related to HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, hepatitis B/C, tuberculosis as well as sexual and reproductive health, particularly as they affect vulnerable populations. The presence of the French minister in Toronto is a testament to France's long-standing commitment to the world fight against AIDS.

" The signature of this partnership agreement is a continuation of the dialogue that began with the visits to Paris of the Honourable Tony Clement, and the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, and formalizes our previous commitments,"
Minister Bertrand said.

" It will allow us to mutually strengthen our respective health policies, and at the same time bring together the French and Canadian efforts to address some of the great public health care issues of the world."

The Joint Declaration of Intent will allow Canada and France to benefit from their experiences in information and communications technologies as they relate to e-health and telehealth. Both countries will exchange best practices in the fields of wait time management, access to pharmaceuticals, and human resource planning. France and Canada have also identified potential areas of future cooperation: physical activity, cancer, management of chronic diseases, and the advancement of progress on mental health and mental illness.

Preparedness for a possible influenza pandemic is another key area of cooperation outlined in the Declaration. Both countries have agreed to exchange information on the preparation and implementation of their preparedness and response plans, in support of the outcomes of the Ottawa Statement on Global Pandemic Influenza Readiness adopted in October 2005.

The two countries, as member states of the World Health Organization, also agreed to work toward a common understanding on implementation of the new International Health Regulations in both countries. Canada has played an active role in the revision of these regulations, to help countries worldwide deal with international public health emergencies.

Source(s): Dept Health, Canada.

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