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BMA Scotland celebrates 10 years of devolution

Scotland celebrates 10 years of devolution. The results of the survey mark the publication of a new BMA Scotland newsletter to celebrate 10 years of devolution and the creation of policy making pow...

29 Jun '09 | Scotland

Protect children from the allure of smoking, say doctors

A news report has warned that children who smoke face years of tobacco addiction that can lead to life-threatening diseases and premature death.

23 Jun '09 | Smoking | Scotland

BMA Scotland calls for an end to the ridiculous pricing of alcohol

A recent survey in Scotland has found that 52% of 13 year olds and 82% of 15 year olds have had at least one alcoholic drink and that shops and off-licences were the second most common source for p...

23 Jun '09 | Alcohol | Scotland

Help us achieve a smoke free Scotland for our children

BMA Scotland is marking National No Smoking Day (11 March) by calling on smokers to quit the habit and help to ensure a smoke-free Scotland for future generations. Smoking kills over 13,000 people ...

11 Mar '09 | Scotland

Angels speak the language of Love. They need no human language to convey peace, joy and healing.

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