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More consultants needed to deliver quality patient care (UK)

Many more hospital consultants are needed across the UK to maintain and improve the quality of care in the NHS, according to the British Medical Association (BMA) in a recent report “Enhancing qu...

09 Apr '08 | NHS Staffing | UK

Screening programme could lead to healthy being seen at expense of sick (BMA)

The BMA has expressed concern that screening people who are well could make it increasingly difficult for sick patients to get an appointment to see a medical practitioner. Commenting on the UK gov...

01 Apr '08 | NHS Priorities | UK

UK Medical personnel issue guidelines about patient resuscitation

The British Medical Association (BMA), the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the Resuscitation Council (UK) are issuing new guidance about decisions concerning whether or not to attempt to resusci...

26 Oct '07 | CPR | UK

New top-up fee system worsens debt issues for medical students (UK)

The BMA's UK wide annual medical student finance survey shows the average final year medical student will graduate with debts of over £20,000. It also shows the level of debt among first year...

11 Oct '07 | Medical Education | UK

A third of nurses working alone in the community have been assaulted or harassed in last two years

More than one third of UK nurses working alone have been assaulted or harassed in the last two years according to a survey released today by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). The survey of nearly...

09 Jul '07 | Nursing | UK

Medics should lead the way in promoting disability equality - BMA (UK)

While doctors have an important role to play in promoting disability equality, the BMA report emphasises that everyone in healthcare, from senior NHS managers through to reception and administrativ...

12 Jun '07 | Disability Equality | UK

BMA(NI) calls for immediate action to stop violence against doctors

The BMA's survey of medics in Northern Ireland (NI) indicates that about 40% of physicians said they had personally experienced violence in the past year. Most of those reported being verbally abus...

10 Nov '06 | Northern Ireland

UK: BMA claims NHS research under pressure and could face £300 million cut

The (UK) BMA has asked the Government about the possible £300 million reduction in funding available for health research which, it warns, is already under pressure. The BMA argues for research bud...

08 Aug '06 | NHS | UK

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