Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is an expression that is used to refer to many different approaches to healing, i.e. restoring or enabling wellness, be that in mind, in body or in a more general sense.

In some forms of spiritual healing practitioners channel 'universal' or 'spiritual' healing 'forces' or 'energies' to the patient, either through hands or using distant healing, i.e. mental, techniques. Such approaches have some aspects in common with Reiki, while also differing from reiki in the way in which practitioners are taught and the history of use of the techniques. Nevertheless, many practitioners consider the 'universal healing energies' themselves to be the same or similar despite differences in style, presentation and rituals (if any).

One aspect that tends to unite many of the different types of spiritual healing is the absence of use of substances such as physical remedies, oils, creams or essences. Sometimes hands are used while in other forms of spiritual healing the treatment is entirely mental, i.e. through conciousness rather than any physical means.

Exceptions to the general idea of spiritual healing not requiring the use of anything physical might include the importance of books (the written or spoken word) for some healers - both for the purposes of personal study and use in practise, and the use of crystals in some forms of spiritual healing or other similar techniques such as crystal reiki.

Anyone interested in finding out more about healing and channeling energies might enjoy Barbara Ann Brennan's books about healing:

  • Barbara Ann Brennan, "Hands of Light; A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field", Bantam Books, London, 1988.
  • Barbara Ann Brennan, "Light Emerging; The Journey of Personal Healing", Bantam Books, London, 1993.


Further information about spiritual healing will be added to this website at a later date.

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Many people find meditation helpful to still the mind and receive communication from Angels.

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