Date Published: 21 July 2005

Launch of UK National Network for Diabetes Research - July 2005

Health News from the United Kingdom (UK).

Researchers at Oxford University and Imperial College London will lead on a £20 million initiative from the UK Department of Health to set up a new national network for diabetes research.

As a result of the UK Diabetes Research Network, researchers will be able to conduct larger and more efficient clinical trials that will examine factors that have an influence on the development of diabetes, its management and the complications that arise from it.

The network will facilitate trials into diet, exercise and drug therapies and epidemiological studies, creating a national database of people with diabetes who might be interested in joining these studies. This is a significant development, as most diabetes care is carried out in the primary care sector by general practitioners and as a result databases of people with diabetes tend to be fragmented around the country.

The network will coordinate initiatives from health service groups, practitioners and academic groups as well as from industry.

Comments from Academics & Professionals working in the field of Diabetes:

Professor Desmond Johnston, from Imperial College London and St Mary’s Hospital has been appointed Director of the UK Diabetes Research Network.

He said:

Diabetes, and particularly non-insulin dependent diabetes, is a fast growing problem in the UK which calls for new strategies for treating and managing this chronic condition and even preventing its onset.

Professor David Matthews of the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM) and Associate Director of the network, added:

We are delighted to be involved with the UK Diabetes Research Network, and the opportunities it will provide for research collaborations. Through the network, we look forward to working with our UK collaborators to make a real difference in developing new strategies and treatments for diabetes.

Professor Sally Davies, Director of Research and Development at the Department of Health said:

The UK Diabetes Research Network will provide a world-class health service infrastructure to support clinical research and accelerate patient access to the most appropriate treatment and care in all parts of the country.

The co-ordinating centre for the network will be based in the International Centre for Circulatory Health, a collaborative research centre set up by Imperial and St Mary's NHS Trust in London.

Source: Diabetes UK (
For further information about this see also Oxford University and Imperial College London

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