Date Published: 26 September 2006

Five breast cancer survivors become overnight stars of national awareness campaign

To mark the launch of Cancer Research UK's All Join Together campaign, five British women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer have become the stars of a campaign to raise awareness of the disease.

The women launched the campaign by being photographed in London's exclusive Portobello Hotel's vintage bathing machine (enjoyed by top models and celebrities alike), surrounded by pink and white rubber ducks ? specially produced for breast cancer awareness month. The ducks are being sold throughout October at Cancer Research UK shops around the country and as well as raising vital funds for research into cancer, they contain information on being breast aware.

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
Photo: Cancer Research (link below).

Irene Bothwell, Julie Rowe, Barbara Powell, Jean Mearns and Val Campbell (pictured, left) are fronting Cancer Research UK's All Join Together campaign



Lesley Walker, director of cancer information at Cancer Research UK, explained:

Relaxing in the bath is an ideal time for women to notice any abnormal change in either breast. It's very important women know what's normal for them and bath time is a great time to look for any changes.?

The pictures will be part of a national campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer and will be displayed in over 600 Cancer Research UK shops nationwide throughout breast cancer awareness month.

Val Campbell, from Manchester, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2004 said:

I've always supported Cancer Research UK's fantastic work but posing in a bath full of rubber ducks was never something I thought I'd do!?

Barbara Powell, 64, whose breast cancer was picked up at routine screening said:

We are confident that these pictures of us will catch other women's attention and make them think twice about ducking out of screening. I didn't have a lump and if I'd not accepted my free invitation to screening I might not be here now to encourage others to do the same.?

The women fronting Cancer Research UK's All Join Together campaign include Barbara Powell aged 64 from Pontyclun in Wales, Julie Rowe aged 44 from Truro, Irene Bothwell aged 65 from Newtownards in Northern Ireland, Val Campbell, 38, from Manchester and Jean Mearns, 42 from Glasgow.


Source: Cancer Research UK

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