Greater tubercle (of humerus)

The greater tubercle (of humerus) is also referred to, especially in older texts, as the 'greater tuberosity'. It is a feature on the humerus bone, which is the major bone of the upper-arm.

The greater tubercle is located at the top of the humerus bone, lateral to the head of the humerus, as shown in the diagram.

Its upper surface is broadly curved with three flat facets separated by two small ridges. The three facets of the greater tubercle can be described in terms of their relative positions, e.g. 'higher (="superior")' etc., and according to the tendons / muscles attached:

  • highest ('superior') facet - attachment to the tendon of the Supraspinatus
  • middle facet - attachment to the tendon of the Infraspinatus
  • lowest ('inferior') facet - attachment to the tendon of the Teres minor, which also attaches to the shaft of the bone below the inferior facet of the greater tubercle.


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