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AIDS in the News:

This site also includes news about health and well-being, including AIDS. Recent items about AIDS are listed below:

3 Oct 2017

HIV diagnoses falling, but still cause for concern (UK)

8 Feb 2016

No significant benefit from routine use of antibiotics for malnourished children

11 Oct 2012

HIV associated with Salmonella epidemic in sub Saharan Africa

9 Aug 2012

Medical sharps injuries and risks to medical personnel

27 Jun 2012

Improvements for women & children in Afghanistan

11 Jul 2011

Could targeting the skin help prevent the spread of HIV?

11 May 2011

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

5 May 2011

Drug-resistant strains of Aspergillus fungi

18 Mar 2011

UNICEF report on the situation of women and children in Zimbabwe


16 Mar 2011

SIMBAS biochip for blood analysis could lead to diagnoses in mins

3 Mar 2011

Homophobia concerns re. some UK African communities

10 Jan 2011

Increased support for some Hepatitis C and HIV sufferers (UK)

14 Oct 2010

Scientists assess new vaccines to improve health of African children

15 Sep 2010

Maternal deaths worldwide drop by 34%

22 Jul 2010

Prolonged survival of untreated HIV-infected adults with weak immune systems

21 Jul 2010

1 in 7 gay men on the London gay scene has HIV

20 Jul 2010

New approach to HIV vaccine

20 Jul 2010

Older people with HIV face multiple disadvantages

19 Jul 2010

Young of Central Asia and Eastern Europe suffering Blame and Banishment

18 Jul 2010

Cash rewards and counseling could help prevent STIs in rural Africa

18 Jul 2010

HIV/AIDS Treatment Curbs Spread of HIV Among Drug Users

16 Jun 2010

AIDS Drug combinations given to pregnant women Block 99% of HIV transmission to breastfed babies

14 Jun 2010

Crusaid and Terrence Higgins Trust merge (UK)

1 Jun 2010

The dark side of mining for gold: research suggests mining in Africa is spreading TB

7 May 2010

Potential new drug target to combat Kaposi's Sarcoma

12 Apr 2010

Prevalence of HIV in Africa leading to new strains of salmonella

2 Apr 2010

Gay men encourged to discuss sex

19 Mar 2010

THT launches free sex and relationships guide book for young people, schools and colleges

8 Feb 2010

Don't let Cupid's arrows make your eyes water

4 Jan 2010

Lifting of ban on foreign nationals with HIV entering the USA

21 Dec 2009

THT launches LearningPlus

11 Nov 2009

No more *bottom* of the class thanks to new THT campaign

31 Oct 2009

UN Secretary-General urges more countries to lift travel restrictions for people living with HIV

2 Jul 2009

Liverpool University to strengthen health research in Africa

24 Jun 2009

UNICEF UK launches campaign on children's rights

24 Jun 2009

Campaigners put HIV testing on the parliamentary agenda

22 Jun 2009

�Telling it Straight' � a support group for heterosexual people living with HIV in Sussex

18 Jun 2009

THT hits target for chlamydia testing in Barking & Dagenham

16 Jun 2009

UNICEF highlights child survival on the Day of the African Child

5 Jun 2009

Global use of rotavirus vaccines recommended

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