Date Published: 1 November 2010

Gluten-Free, Suet-Free, Nut-Free Vegetarian Christmas Pudding

This is a rather different heathy lifestyle news item. We hope you'll like it as much as we do !!!

We've just heard about this great-sounding gluten free, nut free and vegetarian Christmas pudding and we thought you'd like to know about it too. Apparently this has been voted number one pud (how cool is that ?) by British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, and personally recommended by celebrity chef and TV personality Antony Worrall Thompson. It is also approved by "Crossed Grain", the magazine of the Coeliac UK.

Feeding your imagination Ltd are an innovative food producer based in Devon, England and have just announced that this Gluten-free "Chrimbo Pud" (Christmas pudding, to to those of us who prefer standard English) now has full accreditation from the Coeliac Society. This means that this Christmas pudding meets a range of criteria and can now proudly display the Crossed Grain logo. In an environment where food labels and legislative changes can be bewildering for someone on a gluten-free diet, the Crossed Grain symbol makes it easy to choose safe products.

The pudding has been developed from a West Indian recipe, passed down by a Jamaican aunt to Chef Paul Da-Costa-Greaves. Paul has also added his own signature style and developments to the recipe. The result is a suet-free, light and fruity pudding which uses gentle spices and top quality ingredients. The pudding is also nut-free, suitable for vegetarians and has somewhat of a reputation in the Devon fine food circles, winning numerous taste awards.

Paul Da-Costa-Greaves originally started making this Christmas pudding from his restaurant in Topsham and is now Chef Director for feeding your imagination.

He said that:

"You could say that this pudding has been my baby over the years. Since initially borrowing' my Jamaican Aunt Marva's recipe, the Chrimbo Pud has been voted number one pud by the Daily Telegraph, won five taste awards, granted promotional rights from Courvoisier, turned gluten-free, and now gets a Crossed Grain approval from the Coeliac Society!... I've certainly watched it grow up! "

Sounds great to us !

The Chrimbo Pud is currently sold through health food distributors Tree of Life, The Health Store and Suma Wholefoods across the UK and Ireland. The company also produces a gluten-free Christmas pudding chocolate bar called FRUITY; made with organic and fairtrade chocolate and packed full of moist fruit pudding. All products are available to buy from independent retailers, details of which can be found online at The Chrimbo Pud and FRUITY chocolate bar are also available to order online.

We haven't actually had chance to try this great-sounding pudding so if you have please do add your comments below. We'd love to know if it met your hopes and expectations. Thanks!


Source: Feeding Your Imagination Ltd. (Press Release)
Please visit their website at .

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