Date Published: 31 July 2005

Video / DVD intended to Save Lives of Patients in U.S. Hospitals

A film called: "Things you should know before entering the hospital," is intended to save lives by educating people about how to take a proactive role in their healthcare in the event they, or a loved one, have to be hospitalized.

This educational video / DVD (both formats are available) is released in the current climate of as many as 98,000* Americans dying each year due to medical errors in hospitals - according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, This is means that there are more annual deaths due to medical errors than due to AIDS, breast cancer or motor vehicle accidents combined.

This film gives viewers a step-by-step guide based on the advice of experts and experiences of real patients. It contains important information on how a patient and their advocate can help avoid medical errors and addresses questions such as:

  • How do you avoid wrong-site surgery ?
  • Why is hand washing so important ?
  • Why do you need an advocate ?
  • How do you avoid medication errors ?
  • How do you become an advocate ?
  • Plus much more, including: ?How to avoid infection.”

Martin J. Hatlie, Esq., President of Partnership for Patient Safety said:

Human error is a fact in health care just as in the rest of life, and we all must be educated on what to be watchful of regarding things that might go wrong ...
_The film "Things you should know before entering the hospital" is an exceptional safety guide for everyone who is a patient or takes care of one. Watch it and learn what we all need to know to prevent injuries and save lives.

The film should be viewed by the patient as well as their family and friends.

It stresses the importance of having someone with you around the clock as your advocate for the entire length of your hospital stay and gives valuable insight into the potential hazards of the hospitalization experience without instilling fear or blame.

The film is direct, to the point and narrated by Emmy-award-winning actor and comedian Ben Hollis. Ben's affable approach engages viewers through his unique sense of compassion and caring humor. Most significantly, it educates and informs. A convenient checklist is included in each DVD/video so that patients can take it with them when they go into the hospital.

?This is an important film with a powerful message that all consumers need to hear?,

explained Leonard Lamkin, Executive Director, Chicago Patient Safety Forum. The Chicago Patient Saftey Forum is a community-based network whose purpose is to facilitate innovative system approaches to understanding and improving patient safety in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Available on DVD and video tape for $29.95 at A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each DVD/video from is being donated to Consumers Advancing Patient Safety (CAPS,, a nonprofit organization established in 2003 as a collective voice for individuals, families and healers who wish to prevent harm in health care encounters through partnership and collaboration.

Source: PRWeb Press Release

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