Date Published: 26 May 2009

Human Swine Influenza update - Pacific Dawn cruise

Health News from Australia.

NSW Chief Health Officer, Kerry Chant has confirmed two more cases - one crew member and one adult passenger from the Pacific Dawn cruise, have returned positive test results for human swine influenza (H1N1 09).

"This brings the total number of human swine flu cases from the Pacific Dawn cruise ship to four. A number of other passengers who travelled on the cruise have been tested for human swine influenza. Results on these tests will be available later today.

Two other passengers who disembarked from the boat have been diagnosed with seasonal influenza A - not human swine influenza."

Dr Chant confirmed one of the children travelling on the Pacific Dawn developed flu like symptoms early on the cruise, was treated with Tamiflu on the cruise and isolated as a precautionary measure. The second child developed flu like symptoms later in the cruise and was also provided with Tamiflu and isolated.

The Pacific Dawn had not travelled to any countries affected by human swine influenza, and the cases did not have a history of overseas travel prior to boarding the ship. It was therefore initially considered unlikely that passengers would be infected with human swine influenza.

"Approximately 172 passengers who disembarked on Monday indicated on their health declaration cards that they either had flu like symptoms or had been in contact with someone who had.

NSW Health officials are contacting these 172 passengers to provide advice, and to arrange free distribution of Tamiflu to symptomatic passengers where indicated. These passengers have been asked to remain in home isolation for 7 days.

The Australian Government will be contacting all other passengers who were on board the Pacific Dawn and who did not report illness. These passengers will be asked to remain in home quarantine for 7 days after they left the ship.

These passengers do not require Tamiflu. If they develop symptoms they will be asked to contact their local public health unit for advice and assessment."

As of 26 May, 383 NSW residents have been assessed by public health experts.

Of these, 84 are current suspect cases and 289 have been released from public health follow-up following assessment and laboratory testing. 10 confirmed cases of H1N1 Influenza 09 (Human Swine Influenza) have been identified in NSW.

On 25 May 2009, 111 passengers were assessed at Sydney Airport. Of these, 17 passengers were referred to the Sydney Airport influenza clinic. One passenger met the 'suspect case' definition and is awaiting test results.

Four confirmed cases of H1N1 Influenza 09 (Human Swine Influenza) have been confirmed from the Pacific Dawn cruise ship which arrived in Sydney at 8.00am EST yesterday (Monday). Additionally five confirmed cases of Human swine influenza have been confirmed from a Qantas flight (QF12) from Los Angeles. Previously two confirmed cases of Human Swine Influenza have been reported in NSW residents returning from USA.



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