Date Published: 14 September 2006

What does your taste in music say about you ? Leicester University investigates ...

Health News from the United Kingdom (UK).

Volunteers sought for worldwide University of Leicester survey

R&B, hip-hop and dance music are vastly more popular among British people of South Asian origin than other musical genres, according to research findings by a University of Leicester psychologist, which suggest that the music we listen to can tell a lot more than you might think about what kind of people we are.

In a survey spanning all British ethnic groups, more than a third of the participants of South Asian origin stated a preference for R&B or hip-hop with dance also being very popular.

Leicester psychologist Dr Adrian North is now extending his research worldwide. He is looking for as many people as possible from all over the world to take part in an online survey at, stating their preference from over 50 musical styles and completing a questionnaire. The survey, funded by the British Academy, will help Dr North and his team determine to what extent people's musical tastes can be predicted on the basis of basic demographic information, such as age, sex and earnings.

Dr. North said:

Most research in music psychology is carried out on white, middle class people. South Asia has a rich musical culture and it will be fascinating to learn more about the characteristics of people who like different South Asian musical styles.?

Related research by Dr North about to be published in the journal Psychology of Music shows that a person's musical preference tells a great deal about their lifestyle and interests. In a survey of over 2,500 people, of which 162 were of South Asian origin, fans of R&B, hip hop and dance music were found to be the least inclined to support environmentally green issues, least likely to favour higher taxes in order to improve public services, and least in favour of retaining a National Health Service.

They are, however, generally far more eager to make new friends and move in more outgoing circles than fans of musicals, classical music, opera, and country music. They are also more liberal when it comes to relationships. Fans of R&B and hip-hop are the least likely to own their homes, and the most likely to live in cheaper terraced housing.

Dr North added:

Surprisingly, there have been very few studies on how people's age, sex, socioeconomic status, and personality relate to the music they enjoy listening to. Moreover, this limited amount of research has focussed almost exclusively on North America. This is despite the fact that music is enjoyed by people all around the world and, in addition, there are numerous stereotypes about the types of people who listen to certain musical styles that may or may not be true (e.g. goths are depressed, classical music fans are upper-class, jazz fans are like the presenter of The Fast Show's 'Jazz Club' etc.).

_ aims to recruit over 10,000 people to paint the first worldwide picture of who likes what.?

Source: Leicester University (England, UK).

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