Date Published: 27 July 2005

General Medical Council (GMC) launches National Consultation about Medical Education

Health News from the United Kingdom (UK).

On 26th July 2005 the UK's General Medical Council (GMC) launched a national consultation on the way medical education may change in the future.

The purpose of this is to establish how patient care and safety can be improved by developing undergraduate medical education. They hope to receive responses from a wide and diverse field to help ensure that the position taken by the GMC on issues related to medical training accurately reflects the expectations of society.

The consultation will consider issues such as:

  • How should medical education help to reduce the inequalities in the standard of health care associated with patients’ ethnicity, age, social class or other factors ?
  • What role the GMC should have in student fitness to practise (health and conduct) ?
  • Should the UK's 27 medical schools continue to set their own examinations or should there be a standardised national assessment before medical students can graduate and become registered with the GMC?

The GMC will be issuing their consultation document directly to over 2000 organisations, as well as inviting anyone else that would like to respond to access the information via their website.

The consultation will close on 31st October 2005, and the responses will feed into the redrafting of our guidance on medical education “Tomorrow’s Doctors”.

Professor Peter Rubin, Chairman of the Education Committee, said:

The Education Committee has always tried to lead, not follow. It has always tried to anticipate changes and expectations of what a doctor should do, what a doctor should be.
We want to hear from anyone that has an idea about what they expect the doctor of the future.

Comments about the extent of GP knowledge of natural / holistic modes of healthcare are common in the holistic healthcare community.

Here is an opportunity for all interested parties - including clients and practitioners - to respond to the GMC with constructive comments and associated information.

Source: The General Medical Council (GMC), UK.

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