Date Published: 23 July 2013

Concern about child malnutrition in Gao, Northern Mali

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UNICEF has highlighted the nutrition crisis in Gao, Northern Mali, where rates of acute malnutrition have reached alarming levels.

Mali's Ministry of Health and its partners have published the results of a nutrition and mortality survey, conducted for the first time since the current crisis in this conflict stricken region began. The study indicates that there is a dire nutrition crisis particularly affecting children under age five years.

" The nutrition situation in Gao deserves special attention. Action must be taken now so that children who can be saved are not left to die and so that new cases can be prevented," said Mr. David Gressly, Humanitarian Action Coordinator for Mali, during a visit to Gao on July 23.

According to the survey, the rate of global acute malnutrition (GAM) is 13.5% making it a "serious" nutrition situation by WHO classification. The situation is an even greater source of concern in the Bourem health district where global acute malnutrition (GAM) at 17% exceeds the emergency threshold of 15% set by WHO. During the next six months, 22,730 children will be at risk for acute malnutrition.

These high malnutrition rates are explained, in part, by the fact that the survey was conducted in May 2013, at the start of the hunger gap season when food supplies run out. In addition, the spike in malaria during the rainy reason has an impact on children's nutritional status. The negative impact of the conflict on populations' financial wherewithal is another factor contributing to the severity of the situation.

" The lives of many children are in jeopardy. They need immediate assistance," said Françoise Ackermans, UNICEF Representative in Mali.
" Treating children suffering from severe acute malnutrition is a priority for UNICEF. We are sparing no effort to assist each child suffering from malnutrition," she added.

This year, more than 108,000 children under age five were admitted to nutrition rehabilitation units around the country with the assistance of the Government of Mali, UNICEF and humanitarian partners.

The nutrition survey is being conducted at the national level. It will be conducted next in Timbuktu, northern Mali, and is already underway in the south of the country. Results will allow for nutrition trends to be assessed to better evaluate needs and prioritize resource allocation.

According to the UNICEF website, US$80 million is needed to meet nutritional needs throughout the country. To date, only a quarter of this funding has been secured. As of July 22, the Consolidated Appeal for Mali has mobilized US$142 million, 30% of the US$476 million sought.

Source: UNICEF Press Release

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