Date Published: 3 August 2006

The City Food Lecture – a debate on organic food

Health Food - illustrating an item from the UK Food Standards Agency.

Health Food

The 2007 City Food Lecture, sponsored for the first time by the Food Standards Agency, will be given by Lord Peter Melchett of the Soil Association and will be on the subject of organic food.

The annual event attracts an audience of 600 top food and drink figures from across the UK and will take place on the evening of 23 January 2007 at the Guildhall in the City of London.
The FSA's Deirdre Hutton will chair proceedings. Following the lecture, a panel of experts will debate with the audience the issues raised by Peter Melchett.

Deirdre Hutton, who is Chair of the Food Standards Agency, said:

" We are extremely pleased to announce that Peter Melchett will be the keynote speaker at the 2007 City Food Lecture. Sales of organic food are growing rapidly and this will be a chance to debate the significance of its increasing popularity.

_ The City Food Lecture is an excellent opportunity to bring together representatives from the various interest groups ? including industry, consumers and campaigners ? for an open, lively and challenging debate about organic food."

Chairman of the 2007 organising committee, Laurence Olins, added:

" Peter Melchett's acceptance to speak at the 2007 City Food Lecture continues the tradition, since the inaugural lecture in 2000, of attracting very senior figures from the food industry to address us on highly topical issues.

_ The sponsoring Livery companies are delighted that our partnership with the FSA has brought such an excellent result."

Source: Food Standards Agency (FSA), UK, original link no-longer live

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