Date Published: 6 May 2009

New issue of MAMBO magazine raises questions about faith and sexual health

Should African faith leaders be doing more to raise awareness of sexual health in their communities ?

That is the question posed by an opinion piece in the latest issue of MAMBO, the health and lifestyle magazine published by HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust (THT).

In the article, which appears in the new issue of the magazine due out in April, a London-based pastor argues that churches can no longer afford to ignore their responsibility to promote knowledge and awareness of sexual health and HIV among their congregations. Africans are currently the group most likely to be diagnosed with HIV in the UK, and the pastor suggests that the considerable influence held by church leaders affords them an ideal opportunity to promote sexual health awareness.

Joseph Ochieng, Editor of MAMBO, said:

"There is ongoing debate about the role of the church in educating people about HIV. This is not a role that every faith leader is comfortable with, but churches do have a responsibility for the wellbeing of their congregation, including their sexual wellbeing. I'm very pleased that the forthcoming issue of MAMBO has raised this subject. Hopefully, it will encourage discussion and debate."

Other articles in the new issue include an exclusive interview with South African-born jazz maestro Hugh Masekela, an interview with the reigning Miss Zambia UK, and the story of an African gay man who also happens to be an Evangelical Christian.

Source: Terrence Higgins Trust (THT)

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