Date Published: 3 June 2009

Myth busting - cardiovascular disease and women

Health News from Australia.

The leading cause of death among women in Australia today is cardiovascular disease (CVD).

More than 22,000 women each year die of cardiovascular disease and it is especially prevalent in older women. Despite this, cardiovascular disease is still seen as being something that is largely associated with middle-aged males. This is a myth that should be debunked.

International research indicates that women are more likely to have atypical symptoms of cardiovascular disease, which may lead to under-recognition of the disease by both women and their health professionals. If women are not aware of the risks they face from cardiovascular disease they are more likely to pass off warning symptoms as less serious problems such as reflux or muscle pain.

The National Heart Foundation's campaign, Go Red for Women aims to raise awareness of the fact that CVD is a serious health risk for all Australian women. The campaign promotes a regime of non-smoking, healthy eating, adequate exercise and control over blood pressure and blood glucose.

Today, joined by my fellow Parliamentarians, I attended a breakfast at Parliament House where guests supported the campaign by wearing items of red and signing a pledge to promote Go Red for Women in their communities.

I am proud to support the Go Red for Women campaign to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease in Australian women.



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