Date Published: 10 August 2005

UK Department of Health - Success with Nutritional Information Campaign

Health News from the United Kingdom (UK).

Yesterday (9th August, 2005), the UK Department of Health announced the issue of the 500th licence for it's "5 a day" logo.

For the benefit of readers from outside the UK, we should explain that this is part of the UK Government's Public Health / Nutrition Education project to advise the general public to consume at least 5 portions of fruit or vegetables every day. This is being supported by the advice and logo appearing on many brands of foodstuffs sold in supermarkets and other outlets across the UK. So far, more than 700 brands are promoting the 5 A DAY message.

According to the Department of Health Website: Just two years after its launch, the logo is being used by a wide variety of national brands, with the most recent including Tropicana, Aldi and Iceland for promotions, on packaging and in advertising campaigns.

Hundreds of other companies are also licensed to use the logo, helping to publicise the 5 A DAY message by featuring it on vans, marketing materials, packaging and working locally to support 5 A DAY community initiatives.

Caroline Flint, Public Health Minister said:

"Industry support of the 5 A DAY programme is essential to spread the word on this important message, and to help shoppers and their families to reach their 5 A DAY target more easily. It's great to see so many organisations using the logo and we hope others will continue to join them in communicating the 5 A DAY message."

The logo aims to increase awareness of the health benefits of fruit and vegetables and help consumers see at a glance whether products can help them achieve their 5 A DAY target. It is part of a wider strategy to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. The logo can be used on fresh, chilled, frozen, canned and dried fruit and vegetables which do not have any added sugar, salt or fat. To carry the logo, foods must contain at least one portion (80g) of fruit or vegetables.

5 A DAY partners have commented that use of the 5 A DAY logo has formed a key element of their marketing activity, encouraging consumers to eat more healthily by increasing their consumption of fruit and vegetables. In some cases, it has also improved product demand, showing a true indication of both the appeal and importance of the 5 A DAY logo.

The Department of Health is urging other organisations to demonstrate their commitment to promoting healthy eating by joining the 500 organisations, which have already signed up to the 5 A DAY logo. A dedicated partnership marketing agency is working to expand relationships with 5 A DAY licence holders, recruit new partners and maximise the benefits of participation.

At the time of writing there was no specific announcement about the effectiveness of this campaign in terms of improving the nutrition and heath of the general population.

Source: UK Department of Health

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