Date Published: 22 January 2009

NHS Humanitarian Fund announces £45,000 for health projects in the developing world

Health News from the United Kingdom (UK).

NHS teams planning humanitarian work overseas can apply for grants of up to £3000 from the NHS Humanitarian Fund from today (Thursday 22 January 2009).

The total amount available for projects in 2009 will be £45,000 comprising £20,000 from the Department of Health in England, £20,000 from the BMA, and £5,000 from the Royal College of Nursing.

Since last year, 23 grants have been awarded from the fund, which is administered by the BMA's International Department. Projects have ranged from funding to support lectures on anaesthesia and obstetrics in Afghanistan to a sexual health education project in Zimbabwe.

Dr Terry John, chairman of the BMA's International Committee, says:

"The Humanitarian Fund offers a fantastic opportunity to NHS staff to work in the developing world. The fund encourages applications for projects that will leave a lasting legacy to the health of communities in the developing world. The grants provide incidental costs such as travel expenses, which can often be the sticking point when it comes to getting humanitarian projects off the ground."

Dr Peter Carter, RCN General Secretary, says:

"The RCN is proud to continue to support the humanitarian fund. The fund offers NHS clinicians the opportunity to share their knowledge, skills and good practice with colleagues, and benefit communities in the developing world, and to return with increased awareness and understanding of global healthcare issues."

Source: British Medical Association.

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