Date Published: 31 July 2005

One Flax Seed Muffin a Day for 30 Days kills 31% of Breast Cancer Cells in Newly Diagnosed Women

It has been reported (29/07/2005) that one Flax Seed Muffin a Day for 30 days kills 31% of Breast Cancer Cells in Newly Diagnosed Women.

This is a dramatic statement. It is explained only briefly here, according to information previously made available online. Unfortunately the link to further information that was included at the foot of this page has now expired - it appeared to have been taken down from the internet last time we checked. It had been described as "highly recommended reading for anyone working with breast cancer patients".

More information about flax seeds:

Linseed oil, made from flax seeds, is a natural oil that is used as a preservative for wood, concrete, and as an ingredient in the manufacture of paints, varnishes and stains. The role of flax seed lignans as a treatment for cancer has been studied in cell cultures and animals for years, but until a few months ago it has never been tested in humans with diagnosed cancers.

Research into flax seed effects on breast cancer:

Canadian scientists, enrolled women newly diagnosed with breast cancer as volunteers to study the effects of flaxseed on breast cancer progression. In this study, one flaxseed muffin a day, containing a predetermined concentration of pre-lignans, was consumed per day for 30 days. Tissue biopsies were preformed prior to and after the 30 day period. The results showed that the flaxseed pre-lignans, converted in the intestines by bacteria into powerful anti-cancer lignans, were extremely efficient, in low doses, in killing the breast cancer cells in these volunteer women.

The growth index in the cancer cells was reduced 34.2%, while the level of programmed cell death increased 30.7%. Women who expressed the HER2 (c-erbB2) metastatic oncogene saw its expression decrease by a dramatic 71%.

According to Dr. Stephen Martin, Chief Scientist of Grouppe Kurosawa, data like this had never been reported before.

? This study is critically important not only for breast cancer patients, but for all cancer patients because lignans kill many kinds of cancers, including the presently incurable melanoma. With the exception of palmitic acid, the common saturated fatty acid, specific foods do not normally have the ability to kill cancer cells. And we are only talking about one muffin a day. What if we ate two? This study is so exciting that it has me jumping out of my skin. This study and parallel studies are too important for the public health to be ignored so we decided to send out a press release.?

An additional benefit of use of flax seed is its low cost

It had been argued by some that medical costs have escalated "out of control" - both in the United States and elsewhere, worldwide. Natural medicines such as lignans are cheap, non-toxic, effective in low doses, and may even be the only hope for some people who don't have health insurance (medical insurance). Anyone can grind up flaxseed and put it in muffins, smoothies, yogurt or animal food. The idea that this simple seed can actually kill cancer cells in the human/animal body is almost overwhelming in its implications for human and animal health. This article is now several years old. Further information may have become available since July 2005.

Source: This news item includes information (incl. data & quotation) from Grouppe Kurosawa - source no-longer available online.

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