Date Published: 19 July 2005

Federal Minister for Public Health in Canada advocates swimming lessons in schools

Health News from Canada

Most health enthusiasts know that exercise in general, and swimming in particular, is good for overall health and well-being.

There are many benefits of exercise, including toning of muscles, heart and respiratory systems, psychological "feel good" factors, and overall fitness. Swimming is generally thought of as an excellent form of exercise because the water provides some support for the body during exercise, the body is not subject to repeated impacts (as applies to some other sports), most parts of the body are exercised while swimming, and swimming in a supervised swimming pool is a low-danger activity (compared with, for example sports such as rugby, football, rally car driving, or boxing).

However - swimming is also important for another reason: The ability to swim can save your life.

This is why Carolyn Bennett, the Canadian Federal Minister for Public Health has called for swimming lessons to be a part of school activities.

On Jul 18 2005, CBC News reported Carolyn Bennett's statement that "Swimming lessons should be part of every Canadian child's education".

The Minister also said that she wants the lessons to be part of the school curriculum and that the federal government should help fund the initiative:

" We've made such strides in this country, from seat belts and car seats to bicycle helmet legislation in many provinces," Bennett said Monday.
" It's time we looked at swimming safety. I think every kid should know what to do when they fall into water."

Bennett was reacting to the number of recent drowning deaths in Ontario.

Proposals for all children in Canada to receive swimming lessons in school are also supported by The Lifesaving Society, a Canadian organization that certifies all lifeguards and analyses drowning deaths to promote safety. The society said many children don't have basic swimming skills because some parents can't afford lessons.


Source: Canadian Media

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