Date Published: 20 May 2009

Canada and Brazil Sign Memorandum of Understanding in Health

Health News from Canada
Health News from Canada.

The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health, and Dr. Jose Gomes Temporão, Minister of Health for the Federal Republic of Brazil, signed a memorandum of understanding yesterday to strengthen the relationship between Canada and Brazil in the health sector.

"This memorandum underscores Canada's commitment to working collaboratively with our Brazilian partners to improve the quality of life for our citizens on several fronts, particularly in health services in remote communities," Minister Aglukkaq said at a signing ceremony at the Canadian Mission in Geneva.

"Both countries share a health system that covers the entire population and face similar challenges, such as indigenous health and health services in remote areas," said Minister Temporão. "We trust that this closer engagement will allow us to share our experiences."

The memorandum will target joint work in key areas including: pandemic preparedness and response; human health resources; health equity and health care of Indigenous people; regulation of health products; telehealth; primary health care; health promotion; risk communication; and tobacco control. This work will be guided by a joint committee that also will monitor and report on results.

Brazil and Canada will also support and develop partnerships for cooperation in developing countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean with the intention of strengthening health systems.

The memorandum also aims to foster exchanges between scientists, clinicians and other health care professionals in Canada and Brazil.

"The relationship being developed between our health sectors is a reflection of the dynamic and broad relations that the Government of Canada has with Brazil," said Minister Aglukkaq. "It is also a concrete example of Canada's engagement in the Americas."

Source(s): Health Canada,

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