Date Published: 11 February 2010

Small heart risk from migraines no reason to panic

Health News from the United Kingdom (UK).

New research published in Neurology Journal shows a link between different types of migraines and cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes.

Commenting on the findings June Davison, Senior Cardiac Nurse at the British Heart Foundation, said:

" This study shows that there is a link between migraines and cardiovascular events and risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

It has previously been suggested that only people who had migraines accompanied with aura were at increased risk, but this research found there is also increased risk with migraine without aura. It isn’t clear why this links exists and more research would help us understand why there is this association.

There is no reason for people who get migraines to panic as the extra overall risk is very small. However, it is wise for migraine sufferers – just as it is for all us - to avoid smoking, eat a healthy diet and be physically active as this helps to protect our hearts.”



Source: The British Heart Foundation.

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