Date Published: 25 January 2010

Mental Health Foundation and Ynys Mon Mind host first self-management course for people with a long-term mental health diagnosis

Mental Health issues - UK

The Mental Health Foundation, in conjunction with Ynys Mon Mind, is holding the first of more than 30 self-management training courses to be provided throughout Wales in Ynys Mon in February 2010.

The course will give 15 people with a psychiatric diagnosis living in and around Ynys Mon the opportunity to learn self-management tools and techniques. A two day workshop is followed-up by six half day sessions over two months. Course members are then supported to form a peer-support group where people will continue to get encouragement from others in similar siutations and practice the skills they’ve learned.

The Mental Health Foundation has been working closely with Clare Bailey, Manager of Ynys Mon Mind, who has trained as a facilitator for the project and will lead the course in February.

Jane Wycherley, Project Manager for the Foundation, explained;

Clare and the management committee of Ynys Mon Mind have been incredibly supportive. They fully appreciate the value of supporting people to develop skills that can help them to take control of the symptoms of their illness and improve the quality of their lives.

What is self-management ?

Self-management is already commonly used by people with chronic physical health problems such as diabetes and arthritis, and equips people with a set of tools and techniques that can bring about a number of benefits for those who use them, including:

  • feeling in control of the symptoms of an illness;
  • increased feelings of confidence;
  • healthier lifestyles;
  • improved relationships with health professionals.

The Mental Health Foundation self-management project

The four-year Wales based project is the first of its size in the UK and will work to train 900 people with a range of severe mental health problems self-management skills. A total of 34 courses will run in venues across Wales, with six of those being held in Welsh. The training courses have been designed and developed in consultation with people with a psychiatric diagnosis, and will be delivered by individuals who have experience of living with mental illness.

The Mental Health Foundation has commissioned MDF the Bipolar Organisation to delivery 24 of their self-management courses to people with bipolar disorder.

Through the courses, the Mental Health Foundation will gather information that aims to show how effective self-management can be for people living with serious mental health illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It is hoped that the evidence gathered during the research programme will lead to self-management being provided to people with a severe mental illness across the UK.


Source: Mental Health Foundation, UK.

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