Date Published: 20 January 2010

Reducing salt intake is good for your heart

Health News from the United Kingdom (UK).

In response to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine indicating that reducing salt intake could reduce risk of heart disease, Victoria Taylor, Senior Heart Health Dietician for The British Heart Foundation, said:

" It is well established that high intakes of salt over time are linked to raised blood pressure which is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

Although in the UK people’s intakes are coming down there is still work to be done. Currently we eat around 8.6g of salt a day which is in excess of the recommended maximum 6g per day and most of this is already added into our everyday foods like bread, cereals and savoury snacks.

It’s important to be vigilant when shopping for food and to use the information provided on food labels to make healthier, lower salt choices as well as avoiding adding salt to home cooked food."



Source: The British Heart Foundation.

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