Date Published: 28 December 2009

Free website aims to help people lose weight and put an end to *yo-yo* dieting!

Health News from Ireland (Eire)
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safefood have today launched a new advertising campaign for ( the free weight loss website from safefood.

Developed by nutritionists at safefood with support from dietitians in the Irish Nutrition and Dietetics Institute (INDI), Weigh2live provides independent and credible advice on how to lose weight in a healthy way.

Research from the latest SLÁN survey (Survey on Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition) has revealed that over a third (34%) of women and almost a quarter of men (23%) in the Republic of Ireland are trying to lose weight. This online resource aims to support their efforts.

Dr. Marian Faughnan, Nutritionist with safefood said,

After the Christmas cheer and with the beginning of the New Year, many people are considering weight loss plans, but often resort to fad diets which are just that - fads. While many people who try these diets may initially lose some weight, all too often they end up putting the weight back on and enter a yo-yo dieting cycle. In reality, there’s no quick fix for losing weight and these fad diets can be very restrictive. Weigh2Live can help people on the road to reaching and maintaining a healthier weight. Some people may think 10% is not very much but if you are overweight, losing 10% of your body weight can have a really positive impact on your long-term health”, continued Dr. Faughnan.

safefood research has also shown that for almost one in two people (49%) in the Republic of Ireland the main factor that motivates them to lose weight is for health reasons, followed by general well-being (28%), and to look better (26%). Dr. Faughnan added,

It is encouraging that so many people mention health reasons as one of the main motivating factors in losing weight. However, it takes willpower to lose weight and with the New Year just around the corner, people can build on that resolution to start afresh with the belief that they can really do it and reach a healthier weight”.

Margot Brennan, Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute said,

Losing weight and keeping it off involves long-term lifestyle changes. Making small changes can have a big impact on your overall weight and health. This website is designed to help you take practical steps and get back on track when you are finding it tough. The changes can fit in with your everyday life and become your new norm.”

Weigh2Live includes a food and physical activity diary, interactive BMI calculator with waist measurement guide as well as practical advice on healthy eating whether at home or when eating out, tips on food shopping, understanding food portions, and healthy recipes. Regular users of the site can also register to keep track of their progress on the site, sign up for free weekly motivational SMS text messages and receive a free pedometer to encourage them to be more active. will also be supported by television and online advertising, Public Relations and Direct Marketing activity including a handy free information booklet for consumers, and a leaflet for health professionals including GPs, practice nurses and dietitians.


Source: safeFood (Ireland).

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