Date Published: 7 December 2009

Charity welcomes new vision for mental health

Mental Health issues - UK

The launch of the government's vision for mental health in the UK, New Horizons, has been welcomed by the Mental Health Foundation, a member of the Future Visions Coalition.

Chief Executive, Dr Andrew McCulloch, said:

" The UK desperately needs an effective new mental health strategy, with 1 in 4 people suffering from a mental health problem each year and the annual cost of poor mental health running at about £100 billion.

New Horizons is a promising start. The commitment to increase spending on mental health research is particularly encouraging. Current research investment is shockingly low, at only a third of what it needs to be to match the impact of mental illness. Increased research will result in new and more effective treatments, and help us find ways to prevent mental illness happening in the first place."

The Foundation also welcomed the focus in New Horizons on public mental health, but pointed out that in 2007/08 only 0.1% of NHS mental health funding for adults was for mental health promotion.

Dr McCulloch added:

" Good mental health should be a priority for everyone ? without it we struggle at work and in relationships and are at greater risk of physical health problems. Serious promotion of good mental health in the general population would have widespread social benefits and lead to a drop in the overall rates of mental health problems.

The importance of mental health to the country as a whole is reflected in the fact that New Horizons has been launched by all government departments. This a welcome recognition that good mental health needs to be promoted in all areas of people's lives.?


Source: Mental Health Foundation, UK.

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