Date Published: 17 November 2009

CQC prosecutes owner of beautician chain for not registering services (UK)

Five services in London, Manchester and Solihull found to be using hair removal lasers illegally

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has prosecuted the owner of the Skin Health Spa chain, for operating hair removal lasers without registration. Beauticians operating type 3b and 4 lasers, IPL lasers and tattoo removal treatments must be registered with CQC to operate legally, failure to register being considered by the CQC as a breach of section 11 of the Care Standards Act 2000.

CQC was successful in five separate cases against Waveriver Limited, which now faces fines and costs totaling £13,000. The cases were heard between 5 and 21 October 2009.

Hair removal lasers were being used illegally at five branches of the chain. Three branches were in London, in Wigmore Street, Brushfield Street and one within the Selfridges department store. The other two branches were in Manchester and Solihull.

Beauticians operating intense pulsed light (IPL) and lasers used for hair removal are legally obliged to register their services with the regulator to ensure minimum quality standards are provided and consumers are protected.

Tim Weller, CQC senior enforcement manager, said:

" IPL and lasers can cause harm if they are not used properly. That's why we register services and check they are meeting standards on quality and safety.

I urge people considering laser treatment to do their research and check that the service is registered. Ask detailed questions about safety procedures, professional qualifications and potential risks - any good provider will be happy to tell you.

We won't tolerate services that don't meet legal requirements on safety and quality and will take robust action through the courts where necessary. "

Cases were heard in magistrates' courts. Waveriver was fined £2,000 for breach of the Care Standards Act 2000 in each case.

Costs were £565 against the service at London Selfridges, £631 against the London Brushfield Street store, £565 against the London Wigmore Street store, £526 against the Solihull branch and £618 against the Manchester branch.

Consumers can check if beauticians that operate IPL lasers are registered with CQC on, via ?find care services', ?healthcare services' and ?overall performance'.


Source: The CareQuality Commission (England, UK).

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