Date Published: 30 September 2009

safefood announce that H1N1 in pigs poses no risk to food safety

Health News from Ireland (Eire)
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safefood would like to reassure consumers that pork and pork products on the island of Ireland are safe to eat.

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food confirmed yesterday the first pig herd in the Republic of Ireland, to have tested positive for the Influenza A/H1N1 2009 (or ?Swine Flu' as it is commonly referred to). The department said the disease in pigs is mild, has low impact on production and has no significance as regards food safety. The situation has also been confirmed in pigs in Northern Ireland by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development who also advised that the findings do not pose any increased risk to the general public.

safefood would like to reassure consumers that this does not pose a food safety risk as it cannot be transmitted through pork or pork products or their consumption.

Following guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO), safefood advises that pork and pork products can be prepared and eaten as usual, provided that they are handled hygienically while raw, and cooked thoroughly prior to consumption.

safefood will continue to monitor the situation.


Source: safeFood (Ireland).

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