Date Published: 7 May 2009

Update on the use of “teething” gels containing choline salicylate in children

Health News from New Zealand.

In New Zealand two products contain choline salicylate, Bonjela Teething Gel and Bonjela Mouth Ulcer Gel.

Medsafe has now reviewed the available data and is satisfied that the safety of these products is acceptable when used at the recommended dose. These products have been used in New Zealand for over 30 years and to date there have been no reports of adverse reactions received by the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM).

Data obtained from the New Zealand Poisons Centre has however highlighted that these products are sometimes used too much and too often, and have been involved in a number of unintentional overdoses. Medsafe therefore takes this opportunity to remind parents and carers about the importance of reading the information provided with the medicine and adhering to the recommended dose. Parents and carers are also reminded to keep all medicines out of sight and reach of children.

Parents and carers with any questions about the use of these medicines in children are recommended to talk to a healthcare professional.



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