Date Published: 29 April 2009

Mexican Swine Influenza - Update

Health News from New Zealand.

A further three people have tested positive for Influenza A and are being treated as having Swine Flu. This brings the total number of people who are being regarded as confirmed or probable cases of Swine Flu to 14.

These three new cases returned positive results for Influenza A last night and the Ministry of Health is assuming that all people who have tested positive to Influenza A and travelled with the Rangitoto College party, have Swine Flu. Other ill people who have tested positive to Influenza A after returning from the affected areas of Mexico or the United States are likely to have Swine Flu, however, specimens will be sent to the WHO lab in Melbourne for confirmation.

The new cases are in the Auckland region and are being treated with Tamiflu and are in isolation at home. Auckland Regional Public Health said two of the new cases were not associated with the group from Rangitoto College, but had travelled in areas affected by Swine Flu.

Deputy Director of Public Health, Dr Fran McGrath, said:

"If you’re feeling unwell and haven’t travelled in the affected areas in the seven days before becoming ill, do what you’d usually do - there is no cause for concern. Stay home, drink plenty of fluids and take panadol for pain or fever. If necessary phone your doctor for further advice.

However, if you have returned from Mexico or the USA in the past seven days, and start to develop symptoms of influenza you should phone a health professional for further advice as soon as you start feeling unwell."



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