Date Published: 9 April 2009

Mosquito warning in bushlands and rural NSW

Health News from Australia.

NSW Health advises people living in or travelling to bushland around Sydney or rural parts of NSW over Easter to cover up and avoid mosquito bites especially over autumn, the peak season for mosquito borne diseases.

Dr Jeremy McAnulty, Director of Communicable Diseases at NSW Health says anyone planning to visit the bush over Easter, even bushy areas around Sydney should be particularly careful to guard against mosquito bites.

Residents and visitors to rural areas are advised to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites and minimise their exposure to these viruses.”

People can avoid being bitten by mosquitoes by taking steps such as avoiding being outside in the late afternoon and dusk; wearing insect repellent and clothing that covers your arms and legs and fitting fly screens to windows and doors.

Ross River and Barmah Forest virus infections can cause major illness with symptoms include tiredness, rash, fever and sore and swollen joints that typically last several days. However, cases normally recover fully and these diseases are not life threatening,” Dr McAnulty said.



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