Date Published: 9 March 2009

UWA celebrates International Women's Day

Health News from Australia.

International Women's Day is about solidarity and equality, according to Professor Krishna Sen, new Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of Western Australia,

An eminent Australian academic and internationally renowned scholar of Indonesian media and culture, Professor Sen was guest speaker today at the University's celebrations for the 101st International Women's Day.

Professor Sen said it was worth remembering International Women's Day had its origins in a strike action of workers to gain a living wage.

"Women's day is about solidarity and equality - solidarity amongst women, equality in law and in pay with men. The dual mantra of solidarity and equality are complicated by difference and diversity," she said.

UWA Vice-Chancellor Professor Alan Robson, who also spoke at the celebrations, said a focus on gender equity was integral to the University's aspirations of striving for excellence and achieving a place in the top 50 universities internationally.

"It is extremely important that our students see as ‘normal' an organisation where both women and men are fairly represented, and where both have an equal opportunity to impact on the shaping of research, the teaching and learning experience and in all aspects of decision making."

Professor Robson said UWA was committed to meeting the ongoing challenges of gender equity, diversity and work place flexibility.



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