Date Published: 26 February 2009

FSA described as 'model regulator' by independent campaigning group

Health Food - illustrating an item from the UK Food Standards Agency.

The Agency's commitment to putting the consumer first has been recognised in an assessment by campaigning organisation, Consumer Focus. The consumer group looked at six regulators that were set up in the interest of consumers, specifically in markets where people depend on essential goods and services, such as food.

Rating Regulators, published today, measures the Agency’s performance in a number of key areas as well as by the savings it has been able to pass on to businesses as a result of better regulation. In addition to acknowledging the Agency’s strong consumer-focused culture and recently strengthened programme of consumer engagement, the report singled out the Agency as a ‘model regulator’ in respect to transparency and a regulatory style that, ‘empowers consumers to make a change’.

Dame Deirdre Hutton, Chair of the Food Standards Agency, said:

"We welcome the report by Consumer Focus. It is encouraging that many aspects of the Agency’s work are praised, and useful to receive feedback on areas in which we could improve. Delivering the high levels of protection that consumers deserve comes from working with and learning from all our stakeholders – consumers, food businesses and the enforcement community alike.

Our new Committee on Consumer Engagement, which was praised in the report, was set up largely as a result of recommendations to improve the way in which we engage with consumers. Consumer interests are at the heart of what the Agency does and we already engage with them on challenging issues; a recent example is our work on animal cloning. The Agency is committed to continuing this work and we welcome this report and its findings."


Source: Food Standards Agency (FSA), UK.

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