Date Published: 28 January 2009

Beyond Sport launches awards for inspirational sports projects

Beyond Sport is seeking to unearth, celebrate and support the world’s most inspirational sports projects, people and organisations that drive positive change through sport. To this end, the organisation has launched its first awards, covering corporate and social responsibility, change and philanthropy.

UNICEF UK is supporting Beyond Sport and one of the awards will be a UNICEF Children’s Rights Award. UNICEF UK will be providing technical support, with Beth Nicholls representing the organisation on the Advisory Panel.

The global initiative is backed by former Prime Minister Tony Blair. There are 11 Award categories covering the entire sporting spectrum. A shortlist of entries will go before the Beyond Sport Judging Panel of Ambassadors, chaired by Tony Blair, who will choose the winner of each category.

The winners in eight categories will receive funding and long-term support to help them to become fully sustainable. All winners will be announced at the inaugural Beyond Sport Summit to be held in London on 8-9 July 2009.

Groups and individuals from across the globe can enter their social change projects in the Beyond Sport Awards via the initiative’s website, where social entrepreneurs in sport can also share their ideas and insights with each other.

"I’m delighted to be able to announce that the Beyond Sport Awards are now open for entries," Tony Blair comments. "This is the first step towards our goal of recognising and supporting the most inspirational projects that use sport to drive a positive message. We look forward to receiving submissions from all corners of the world providing real working examples of sport’s unparalleled power as an instigator of social change."


Source: UNICEF Main Website.
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