Date Published: 13 January 2009

Government must address flaws in its health reforms says, BMA

Health News from the United Kingdom (UK).

The Health Select Committee report on Lord Darzi’s NHS Next Stage Review, published today (Tuesday 13 January), highlights many of the concerns held by the BMA.

Dr Hamish Meldrum, Chairman of Council at the BMA, said:

The Government didn’t listen to the BMA’s concerns as it pushed headlong into introducing a new untested way of delivering healthcare. We hope they will now listen to the Health Select Committee and address some of the flaws in the Next Stage Review.

The BMA supports many of the principles of the Next Stage Review, such as the focus on improving the variations in the quality of healthcare; the introduction of an NHS Constitution and the creation of NHS: Medical Education England to oversee medical training.

However, our concerns about the universal imposition of GP-led health centres are shared by the Health Select Committee. The report supports the BMA’s view that the government directive - that a GP-led health centre be introduced in every Primary Care Trust regardless of local need - was short-sighted. It also reiterates our concerns that GP-led health centres have been introduced without proper pilots or evaluation.”

He added:

Many doctors are frustratingly aware of the poor level of support available in many PCTs particularly in commissioning new services. The BMA has always supported the concept of Practice Based Commissioning as it can offer great benefits to patients, but this potential is too often squandered by the absence of adequate support or creative input from PCTs. Clearly the variable management quality in PCTs, highlighted in the report, must be addressed if patients are to benefit.”


Source: British Medical Association.

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