Date Published: 6 January 2009

BMA response to 2009 foundation programme recruitment figures

Health News from the United Kingdom (UK).

Commenting on figures released today (Tuesday, 6th January 2009) concerning the allocation of places for the two-year Foundation Programme for newly qualified junior doctors that begins in August 2009, Naomi Brown, Chairman of the BMA’s Medical Student Education sub-committee, said:

It is pleasing news that nine out of ten applicants have obtained their first choice foundation school place and that 24 out of 26 foundation schools have filled all their vacancies. This will provide welcome stability and reassurance not just to newly qualified doctors, but also to the NHS and patients who benefit from the care these professionals provide.

However, it is important that we consider the needs of the one in ten applicants who have not been successful in securing their preferred place. It is particularly regrettable that the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) decided to cut the number of vacancies at each foundation school in England after the application process had begun.

It is therefore crucial that the UKFPO reacts promptly to any students who have concerns about how their application has progressed and provides them with appropriate advice and information.

The BMA will be monitoring the impact of this year’s recruitment process and will submit feedback from students to the UKFPO. Any BMA members who have concerns about this year’s application process should contact the BMA for further advice.


Source: British Medical Association.

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