Date Published: 5 January 2009

Climate change and food research needed

Health Food - illustrating an item from the UK Food Standards Agency.

The Agency is advertising for researchers to carry out a systematic review of the effect of climate change on food and the Agency's remit.

The Cross Cutting Themes Programme has been created by the Agency's Chief Scientist in order to deal with issues that fall across the Agency’s remit. Climate change will impact on all areas of the Agency’s work, directly or indirectly. The systematic review will aim to identify the evidence the Agency will need to continue to deliver strategic objectives such as:

* to continue to reduce foodborne disease
* to reduce further the risks to consumers from chemical contamination of food

Research requirements

This project should consider how climate change could impact on the Agency’s ability to deliver its vision of safe and healthy food for all. This review will:

* identify the gaps in Agency science and evidence base
* identify the key areas of work to be engaged with
* highlight relevant work that is already going on to ensure that we have an appropriate input and collaboration with these other programmes of work and organisations
* identifying the gaps in our science will also aid the Agency in making best use of its resources and to best contribute to the growing body of evidence in the most constructive way

This strategic review will be an important element of the preparatory work for the Agency's next strategic plan.

Further information

For further advice and information on the specific scientific issues, objectives and further information, please contact:

PK Khaira
Chief Scientist Team
tel: 020 7276 8785
fax: 020 7276 8910

Proposals should be received by 5pm on 30 January. They can be emailed to or posted to:

PK Khaira
Chief Scientist Team
Food Standards Agency
Room 4B, Aviation House
125 Kingsway
London WC2B 6NH


Source: Food Standards Agency (FSA), UK.

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