Date Published: 24 November 2008

Pre-budget report a missed opportunity, says UNICEF UK

UNICEF UK is disappointed by today's pre-budget report. We joined 10,000 supporters at the recent End Child Poverty rally in Trafalgar square to urge the UK Government to keep its promise to halve child poverty by 2010. The target is achievable but today's pre-budget review was a missed opportunity. The Government's decision to enshrine the 2020 target in law is welcomed but we need to see a redoubling of efforts, particularly given the current economic downturn, to deliver the investment needed to meet the 2010 target, the foundation for this legislation. Time is running out.

With 3.9 million children living below the poverty line, the UK has one of the highest child poverty rates in Europe. These children are more likely to leave school without qualifications and have fewer employment opportunities. This restricts their ability to get a good job and financially contribute to society. We must break this cycle and continue to urge the Government to keep its promise to end child poverty.


Source: UNICEF Main Website.
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