Date Published: 22 August 2008

500 reasons to celebrate the Eat Safe award

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The 'Eat Safe' award scheme is celebrating success in Northern Ireland, with the number of eateries awarded the Eat Safe logo reaching a landmark 500. From hotels to residential homes and primary schools to pizzerias there are a growing number of diverse kitchens entitled to display the logo.

The prestigious award, which promotes excellence in food hygiene, is given to catering businesses that go above and beyond legal requirements.
So, consumers can be confident when they see an Eat Safe logo, that their food has been prepared with the utmost care.

'I am delighted that Northern Ireland now has 500 food premises displaying the Eat Safe logo,' said Kathryn Baker from Food Standards Agency Northern Ireland (FSANI). 'It is great news that we now have a large number of caterers taking every precaution to prevent food poisoning. It goes to show the goals of Eat Safe and its simple format are a winning combination for the local catering trade, food hygiene enforcers and ultimately the consumer. And businesses are reaping great benefits from having this award which has accelerated its popularity.'

The scheme was introduced in Northern Ireland in 2003, to act as an incentive to caterers to strive for high food hygiene and food safety management standards, and each Eat Safe recipient is awarded with a recognisable sign of excellence. The award is administered by the environmental health departments of local councils in conjunction with FSANI.

Source: safeFood (Ireland)

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