Date Published: 28 January 2008

UNICEF trains Government of Southern Sudan water managers

Capacity-Building represents an important strategy for effective service delivery

UNICEF and the Government of Southern Sudan are conducting a three weeks intensive capacity-building training programme for the effective use and management of water resources in Southern Sudan. The training runs from 28 January to 15 February in Juba the capital of Southern Sudan.

As a result of two decades of war that ended in 2005, millions of people in Southern Sudan especially women and children do not have access to safe drinking water. Only 60 per cent of the population has access to safe drinking water and just 7% practice good hygiene and sanitation thus putting millions of lives in danger of water borne diseases.

The Director of the UNICEF Southern Sudan Area Programme, Peter Crowley, said,

This training of water managers is not only essential in saving the lives of children who are exposed to the dangers of water borne diseases but a step forward for a sustainable development of water programmes in Southern Sudan which has suffered two decades of war.”

UNICEF recognizes the central role of capacity building for water sector managers to ensure the effective and safe delivery of water, sanitation and hygiene services and in this regard has supported the Government of Southern Sudan in developing a water policy, the first of its kind.

The training programme, costing US $230,000, aims to improve the planning, coordination and monitoring of water and sanitation programmes along with emergency response and preparedness. Emphasis is also placed on the promotion of community based water supply, hygiene and sanitation initiatives.

UNICEF is appealing for US $15 million for Southern Sudan in 2008 for provision of safe water through establishment of more water sources and maintenance and rehabilitation of existing ones including hygiene and sanitation promotion - another major component of water provision.


Source: UNICEF Main Website.
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