Date Published: 25 October 2007

Training reinforces positive behaviour in schools (UNICEF)

Principals and teachers of public schools in Barbados learn about positive behavioral management in classrooms

Training sessions for teachers on positive behavioural management has been launched by the Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports in Barbados, in collaboration with the Barbados Union of Teachers and the UNICEF Eastern Caribbean Office.

The sessions from 22- 23 October were facilitated by Dr. Kerry King, Clinical Psychologist in Barbados, along with Professor Sharon Oxenford, of Mount Vernon University in Ohio and included a symposium for Principals of all public secondary and primary schools and a training session for teachers of the St. Leonard’s Boys School – the only all boy school in Barbados.

The sessions aimed to provide participants the tools to respond more holistically to behavioural problems, and to reinforce and reward the positive behaviour of most students.

Addressing the delegates at the symposium, UNICEF Eastern Caribbean Representative Tom Olsen said:

Children have differing needs. Developing a school culture that is conducive to the learning needs of all children, is one of your key responsibilities.

His sentiments were echoed by the Deputy Chief Education Officer, Idamay Denny who reminded participants that any change in the school environment must come from their leadership. She also used the opportunity to call for school wide protocols to address differences in disciplinary practices among teachers, as well as protocols for dealing with children with behavioural challenges.

This symposium and the training for teachers are part of the broader approach being taken by UNICEF to respond to the challenges of behavioural issues in classrooms across the island.

A National Consultation on the 31 of October where more than 100 secondary school children in Barbados are expected to converge at the UN House to discuss the Barbados National Strategic Plan. They will examine the Plan and pose questions to the panel including Representatives from the Economic Affairs Division, Social Policy and Planning Division and a representative from the Emerging Global Leaders group.


Source: UNICEF Main Website.
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